The Stompin Ground Games

Slider_StompinGroundGames2The Stompin’ Ground Games are a year-long neighborhood Olympics where arts, culture, and history collide in the name of civic pride. Starting in October 2015, we’ll be in a different neighborhood each month and you’ll be entertained by the finest artists and cultural groups our community has to offer. Additionally, we’ll learn crucial historical lessons about the neighborhood and venue, as well as current issues affecting these areas and ways to take action for change.

Imagine attending a dance festival at Ruby Hill Park, learning the history of the neighborhood and plans to bring the Levitt Pavilion to the park. Or come and learn about the smelters of Globeville and what the community is doing today to bring in healthy food options, while viewing the city’s best street artists battle it out for glory.

These are merely ideas. We can’t do this without all of YOU!

Please let us know if you have ideas or want to help.

In order to decide where we’re headed we’ve got to know where we’ve been. Come show us what your neighborhood has to offer and take part in envisioning what our community could be.

(Don’t live in the city? No worries, our community spreads beyond borders. This program is for everyone (We’re looking at you Lakewood, Thornton, and Aurora!)